Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Its that time! Yes, its time to start casting for "The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie".

Here's all the details! Please read everything carefully!

HOW TO SUBMIT: You must follow these instructions EXACTLY or your submission will be ignored and thrown out. No exceptions. Send your resume (if you have one), and your headshot (if your new to acting, a RECENT photo where we can see YOU and only you. No 1970's year book photos, or family photos please. You can also send a reel if you have one. Just send us the link to it, please do not attach large video files to the email. Send them to: with the subject line: CASTING. Include any other info we need to know about you in the body of the message, and please list which characters you believe you'd be a good fit for or would like to read for. If we agree with you we will contact you back, to setup an audition time. We will not be doing open calls at this time. So if you do not hear back from us, we may still have a spot for you later on so please do not contact us asking. We will accept video auditions if we contact you back for a role and do call backs based on these. We will send the sides out to you via email. If you don't know what sides are, google it.

THE DETAILS: The film will be shot on primarily weekends. If you've never worked on a film set before, you should read up on set etiquette and understand that film making is a time consuming process and some shoots can take upwards of 12 hours in a single day to shoot. Thats just the way it is. If you are not up for that, don't submit.. easy as that. We like to keep a professional atmosphere on set, so we are looking for individuals who are on the same page with us. As of this writing all the roles on this page are not paid, but you will receive a copy of the finished retail product, IMDB credit as soon as you are cast in the role, meals on set, and a ton of experience, and if you need it a reel edited by us for future projects. Some of the bigger roles will become paid roles, in an amount to be determined and will be paid on completion of the project. We will shoot for approximately 10-15 days. Shooting dates are still TBA. This is being shot in CORDELE GA, the South/Middle GA region.

EXTRAS: If you are interested in being an EXTRA only, we will be casting the following age ranges and requirements for specific scenes. If you want to go ahead and get your info to us, send us your name, age, and a recent photo. If the scenes require specific wardrobe, we may ask for a photo of you in said wardrobe before casting you as an extra. Here are the age ranges we need:

Fit guys and gals who are comfortable in a swim suit for a Pool Party scene (17-25yrs)
guys who have their own civil war reenactment period clothing (18+ yrs)

Here are the character Breakdowns:


1. Mattie - Female/Caucasian/20-26 yrs/Blonde

Mattie comes from a spoiled lifestyle where her parents are well off, and she has everything
in the world, yet she doesn't act like your typical "rich kid". Her peers automatically judge
her as being the beautiful girl whose family has tons of money, when in reality she's the "girl
next door" with a big heart. She's been plagued by a strange paranormal mystery that she's been
trying to figure out since she was just a little girl. There is more to Mattie than everyone gives
her credit for.

*this character requires actress to appear in a swim suit for a pool party scene*

2. Zeke - Male/Caucasian/20-26 yrs

A "nerd" in every sense of the word, but a nerd with style. Zeke a young computer whiz, and member of the amateur paranormal team "G.H.O.S.T" has just moved to the quiet South GA town of Lakeshear with his single mom and 2 siblings. He's not the "pushover" glasses and pocket protector type of geek, but the intelligent and quirky type who is just on the verge of being "cool" but hasn't quite made it there yet. He has an obssession with the paranormal that drives his mom insane.


1. Ben - Male/Caucasian/26-35 yrs

Ben, the "leader" of the Paranormal Investigative team "G.H.O.S.T" is just that.. a leader. He's not the most in tune with investigation or research, but has the gift of being capable of organizing his team and getting them on the right path. He's the one who is usually the most gung ho about the groups research expeditions despite the fact that some of them are a little "lame".

2. Kylie - Female/Caucasian/26-35 yrs

Kylie is the team's "tough guy". She's the one with all the common sense and practicality of the group she keeps everyone else in check on reality and often doesn't mind speaking her mind on issues that offend her. The other members of the team know to stay off her bad side, as she can be quite the firecracker if she gets mad. She's Ben's "sort of" love interest although their displays of affection aren't normal to what most people would think of in a loving relationship.

3. Ellie - Female/Caucasian/20-26 yrs

Cute and Goth, Ellie fits in perfectly into this rag tag group of investigators. She's got attitude and charisma that makes her an excellent addition to the team. She brings in her knowledge of witchcraft to  the group, and adds a bit of sass and eclectic spice to the group. She usually dresses in "gothic" clothing  and makeup, and depending on the day of the week her hair may very well be a different color in the rainbow.

4. Old Man Jenkins - Male/Caucasian/50-70 yrs

Old man Jenkins witnessed a brutal and terrible act when he was just an orphan boy. This traumatized him throughout his life causing most of the townsfolk to think he's a crazy old kook who spouts nonsense.

5. Oscar - Male/Caucasian/20-26 yrs - 1-2 day shoot

Mattie's older brother Oscar is your typical fratboy meathead. He pictures everything as a party, and all females as a slab of meat for his taking. He doesn't respect anyone or anything, and enjoys being the center of attention despite his lack of intelligence and degrading demeanor to most of the female population other than his own sister.

6. Danielle - Female/Caucasian/20-26 yrs/Blonde/fit - 1-2 day shoot

Danielle is Oscar's main squeeze and is almost as evil as he is. She's super hot and exploits every aspect of it to her boyfriends delight. She often uses her stunning good looks and super body to play pranks on hapless young boys who would kill to be with someone who "looks" like her. She doesn't have a whole lot of common sense however and would be considered by most to be a "dumb blonde".

*this character requires actress to appear in a swim suit for a pool party scene*

7. Rich - Male/Caucasian/20-26 yrs - 1 day shoot

Oscar's meathead friend.

8. Zeke's Mom - Female/Caucasian/40-45 yrs - 1 day shoot

A single mom raising a college aged son, and a teenage daughter who moved her family to a new location to get her son away from his paranormal investigative tendences and into normal activities like academics and organized sports.

10. Kellie - Female/Caucasian/13-17 yrs - 1 day shoot

Zeke's rebellious and sometimes more mature acting sister who has a somewhat sarcastic attitude about her brothers antics.

11. Maggie - Female/Native American or Hispanic/20-30 yrs - 1-2 day shoot

A Young attractive indian slave who is brutally tortured and raped by a group of businessmen led by the son of her owner and lover.

*This is a very intense role*

12. James - Male/Caucasian/25-50 yrs - 1-2 day shoot

Maggie's owner, and lover. James secretly fell in love with Maggie despite being married. The two kept their relationship a secret for as long as possible.

13. Jonathan - Male/Caucasian/20-30 yrs - 1-2 day shoot

James' relentless son who is bent on destroying his indian lover before she can take everything they own.

14. Jonathan's associates - Male/Caucasian/20-50 yrs - 1-2 day shoot

Jonathan's partners in crime who help capture and torture maggie.

15. Young Mattie - Female/9-12 yrs/Blonde - 1 day shoot

Young version of Mattie.

16. Cindy - Female/30-50yrs/Caucasian - 1 day shoot

Cindy is a waitress at the local diner. She has a deep Southern Accent.

Teaser scene and CASTING!

A few weeks ago we shot a short "scene" as a concept teaser and camera and lighting test for the film. Please be aware that the "content" of the scene has little to no bearing on the actual film itself as it was merely a test of the capabilities of lighting and camera gear. This was shot on a Canon T3i and 7D, but we've just changed over to a Panasonic GH2 and will be using a selection of prime lenses to shoot the actual movie with.

Also, now that we are in 2012 its time to get started with casting! I'll be following up this post with a complete list of character breakdowns, and how to submit! We'll be doing auditions around February! But you'll be able to submit now to get a jump start!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CASTING CALL (sort of)

So, now that we are underway with preproduction. Finding locations, etc. I wanted to get some of our casting going. This is a bit different, than what we'd normally do for a casting call and these are special roles in the movie as they really require no special acting skill/training. What I am looking for are people with interesting stories (whether true or not) about their "experiences" with "Seven Toe Maggie". I'm looking for "characters" with an interesting look or story to tell. To help those who may not know what "Seven Toe Maggie" is. The basis of the story is.. that there is a location in Southern Ga, where a young native american woman (she's also been other races, and sex) died and now haunts the area. People have claimed to have seen her, as well as have had strange encounters with her spirit at the location, which in reality is an old church. So, what do I need? I'm looking for people who can give me their best "Seven Toe Maggie" stories on camera, as if they were being interviewed by a reality show. All you have to do is get out your webcam, camera phone, video camera.. etc. and film yourself telling your "Seven Toe Maggie" encounter. Be as detailed as you can, and get into your "character" as if you were a "local" who crossed paths with her at some point. We will choose from the best videos we receive and have those people appear in the movie as the character they've created for themselves, in one of the scenes in the movie. These are not main roles, but they are very featured parts because you will get good screen time, and of course speaking lines.

To submit:

Record yourself on video telling your "Seven Toe Maggie" story. You can get as creative as you want with it. The stories don't have to be true, just as long as they are interesting/entertaining. Upload it to a site like Youtube, Vimeo etc. and email the video link to: Subject line: Maggie Story

We are not looking for anything specific, so you can be any age, any gender, any race. We are looking for interesting people who pop on camera, with a unique story to tell that will engage viewers.

Keep the videos under 5 minutes if at all possible.

No acting experience required. These are volunteer roles, but you will receive a copy of the final film in some form, and be provided with meals on set, the day we shoot.

Good Luck!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Teaser shoot!

Saturday night we got together to shoot a short teaser scene for "The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie". Unlike EXIT 101 where I served as producer/writer. I will be directing this film, as well as still doing the writing. Coming on board for the film thus far, is Jerry Hawkins who will serve as my Key Grip/2nd Camera Operator. Dennis Fraser, returning as Grip/Electrician/Jack of all Trades. We also have some other folks from EXIT 101's crew who will be joining us once again. We plan to start casting as early as January, and we will be doing both video/in person auditions. The character breakdowns for the roles we will be casting for will be available soon. We shot a teaser Saturday night, starring the lovely Marina Stout (girl in music store in EXIT 101). The Director of EXIT 101 Doug Cole helped us out, as DP as well as my good friend Brett Driver (Cardboard Warfare). We filmed for about 12 hrs in the cold. Marina toughed it out and we got some great shots, to give everyone an idea of how Seven Toe Maggie will look in comparison to our last film. Look for that to be online in a week or so. In the mean time here are some screen shots from the footage.

Preproduction Underway!

Hey guys! Been a while since many of you who followed our other film "EXIT 101" saw one of these posts! I'm proud to announce that preproduction for Blackflight Studios' 2nd feature length Independent Horror film has begun. Currently I'm writing the first draft of the script as we speak and its coming along nicely so far. I'd like to take the opportunity with this very first post to explain some about the story, how we plan to shoot this film, and what will be different about this film vs. our last. We learned alot the last go round and we are going to use those things to improve this film tenfold in every aspect of the production. First things first though.. What IS The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie?

Well, for those who live in our area you probably have heard at least one of the many variations of the story. As is common with myths and urban legends, depending on who you ask you'll get a different version of what really took place. Many of you may even have gone to the "real" location. Since there is really no way to know what is "Accurate" and what isn't in an urban legend. We decided to take an approach that would touch on the key points of what most people know as the "story" but add in some other elements to make it alot more interesting, and ALOT scarier. Most people can all agree on the part of the story revolving around walking around a church, seven times and the spirit of Seven Toe Maggie appearing, and bad things happening. I don't want to give away too much too early, but I will say that we are taking an approach to this film that I think will be very interesting. We want to take the "reality show" aspects of films like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity and mesh them together with a traditional theatrical horror film. We want this movie to be extremely "scary". Hopefully we can accomplish that task.

Next on the agenda! Shooting! EXIT 101 took nearly 25 days of shooting and we did it entirely on weekends. We'd like to continue with that same agenda, but streamline the process a bit and make things go a bit faster than they did for EXIT 101. We think that with this story we will have an easier time shooting faster, but maintaining a better end product. We will still be utilizing mostly volunteer crew for Seven Toe Maggie, but we hope to bring in a few key professionals to make this the best film it can be. We will be shooting on (as of now) One Canon T2i, and if the funds are there possibly an additional camera. DSLR cameras have changed the independent film making industry forever. We want to use high quality lenses to get the highest cinematic quality possible.

Lastly, whats different about this film vs. EXIT 101? Well first off, EXIT 101 was a complete throwback to the corny horror movies of the 80s. It has a definite "comedic" side to it, where as I would like Seven Toe Maggie to have a "dark" and eerie edge and be a truly terrifying experience. Sound design will play a huge part in making that happen as well as the casting and locations. Even though this is a "movie" we want you to still have the sense that this could be "Real". I will keep this updated as we progress, so keep checking back! Thanks for supporting our film endeavors!