Monday, December 12, 2011

Preproduction Underway!

Hey guys! Been a while since many of you who followed our other film "EXIT 101" saw one of these posts! I'm proud to announce that preproduction for Blackflight Studios' 2nd feature length Independent Horror film has begun. Currently I'm writing the first draft of the script as we speak and its coming along nicely so far. I'd like to take the opportunity with this very first post to explain some about the story, how we plan to shoot this film, and what will be different about this film vs. our last. We learned alot the last go round and we are going to use those things to improve this film tenfold in every aspect of the production. First things first though.. What IS The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie?

Well, for those who live in our area you probably have heard at least one of the many variations of the story. As is common with myths and urban legends, depending on who you ask you'll get a different version of what really took place. Many of you may even have gone to the "real" location. Since there is really no way to know what is "Accurate" and what isn't in an urban legend. We decided to take an approach that would touch on the key points of what most people know as the "story" but add in some other elements to make it alot more interesting, and ALOT scarier. Most people can all agree on the part of the story revolving around walking around a church, seven times and the spirit of Seven Toe Maggie appearing, and bad things happening. I don't want to give away too much too early, but I will say that we are taking an approach to this film that I think will be very interesting. We want to take the "reality show" aspects of films like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity and mesh them together with a traditional theatrical horror film. We want this movie to be extremely "scary". Hopefully we can accomplish that task.

Next on the agenda! Shooting! EXIT 101 took nearly 25 days of shooting and we did it entirely on weekends. We'd like to continue with that same agenda, but streamline the process a bit and make things go a bit faster than they did for EXIT 101. We think that with this story we will have an easier time shooting faster, but maintaining a better end product. We will still be utilizing mostly volunteer crew for Seven Toe Maggie, but we hope to bring in a few key professionals to make this the best film it can be. We will be shooting on (as of now) One Canon T2i, and if the funds are there possibly an additional camera. DSLR cameras have changed the independent film making industry forever. We want to use high quality lenses to get the highest cinematic quality possible.

Lastly, whats different about this film vs. EXIT 101? Well first off, EXIT 101 was a complete throwback to the corny horror movies of the 80s. It has a definite "comedic" side to it, where as I would like Seven Toe Maggie to have a "dark" and eerie edge and be a truly terrifying experience. Sound design will play a huge part in making that happen as well as the casting and locations. Even though this is a "movie" we want you to still have the sense that this could be "Real". I will keep this updated as we progress, so keep checking back! Thanks for supporting our film endeavors!

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