Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CASTING CALL (sort of)

So, now that we are underway with preproduction. Finding locations, etc. I wanted to get some of our casting going. This is a bit different, than what we'd normally do for a casting call and these are special roles in the movie as they really require no special acting skill/training. What I am looking for are people with interesting stories (whether true or not) about their "experiences" with "Seven Toe Maggie". I'm looking for "characters" with an interesting look or story to tell. To help those who may not know what "Seven Toe Maggie" is. The basis of the story is.. that there is a location in Southern Ga, where a young native american woman (she's also been other races, and sex) died and now haunts the area. People have claimed to have seen her, as well as have had strange encounters with her spirit at the location, which in reality is an old church. So, what do I need? I'm looking for people who can give me their best "Seven Toe Maggie" stories on camera, as if they were being interviewed by a reality show. All you have to do is get out your webcam, camera phone, video camera.. etc. and film yourself telling your "Seven Toe Maggie" encounter. Be as detailed as you can, and get into your "character" as if you were a "local" who crossed paths with her at some point. We will choose from the best videos we receive and have those people appear in the movie as the character they've created for themselves, in one of the scenes in the movie. These are not main roles, but they are very featured parts because you will get good screen time, and of course speaking lines.

To submit:

Record yourself on video telling your "Seven Toe Maggie" story. You can get as creative as you want with it. The stories don't have to be true, just as long as they are interesting/entertaining. Upload it to a site like Youtube, Vimeo etc. and email the video link to: seventoemovie@gmail.com Subject line: Maggie Story

We are not looking for anything specific, so you can be any age, any gender, any race. We are looking for interesting people who pop on camera, with a unique story to tell that will engage viewers.

Keep the videos under 5 minutes if at all possible.

No acting experience required. These are volunteer roles, but you will receive a copy of the final film in some form, and be provided with meals on set, the day we shoot.

Good Luck!

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  1. My brother lives right there at 7 toe Maggie church. When is the deadline to enter?