Monday, December 12, 2011

Teaser shoot!

Saturday night we got together to shoot a short teaser scene for "The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie". Unlike EXIT 101 where I served as producer/writer. I will be directing this film, as well as still doing the writing. Coming on board for the film thus far, is Jerry Hawkins who will serve as my Key Grip/2nd Camera Operator. Dennis Fraser, returning as Grip/Electrician/Jack of all Trades. We also have some other folks from EXIT 101's crew who will be joining us once again. We plan to start casting as early as January, and we will be doing both video/in person auditions. The character breakdowns for the roles we will be casting for will be available soon. We shot a teaser Saturday night, starring the lovely Marina Stout (girl in music store in EXIT 101). The Director of EXIT 101 Doug Cole helped us out, as DP as well as my good friend Brett Driver (Cardboard Warfare). We filmed for about 12 hrs in the cold. Marina toughed it out and we got some great shots, to give everyone an idea of how Seven Toe Maggie will look in comparison to our last film. Look for that to be online in a week or so. In the mean time here are some screen shots from the footage.

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  1. Looks good,

    Looking forward to the actual auditions as I hope I get a chance to be a part of them.

    Maurice Winsell